Connecticut Reading Association

Nicholas Criscuolo Reading Award for Administrators

The Nicholas Criscuolo Reading Award for Administrators recognizes an individual who is currently serving as an administrator (reading administrator, superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, assistant principal curriculum director, etc.) This individual demonstrates a sincere commitment to reading/language arts education through administrative efforts.

Nomination Procedure:
Candidates who have shown exemplary accomplishments in the following areas may be suggested for consideration as Nicholas Criscuolo Reading Award recipients:

  • enhances literacy at the building, district or community level through his/her contribution
    establishes a literacy rich environment that reflects high expectations and equity for all students
  • demonstrates opportunities for shared leadership and participation among a range of stakeholders, including parents, teachers, community and other administrators
  • develops or implements research-based practices to maximize and support teachers and learners

Submissions are due by March 31, 2017.

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